Live event Embroidery

live Event Embroidery


We provide a safe and fun environment for your guests during these unusual circumstances. Our live event setup is designed for no guests contact with still giving your guests the full experience of live printing. Lets make something memorable for your guests to wear and reminisce for years on end. 

How it works

We provide a ultimate custom experience with our embroidery package. We are able to personalize and sew out guest’s names or custom text by a stroke of a key. Our compact industrial sized embroidery machine can sew out up to 6 different vibrant colors. High quality sewing that will last forever as a memorable moment.

embroidery Package

  • 2-6 Hour custom package
  • LIVE event staff
  • Travel and setup
  • Industrial compact embroidery machine
  • Personalized custom designs
  • Upgrade to 3 Embroidery machines

Each  package is customized to the specific needs of your event. Our mobile studio cost is based on per hour. We can sew out guests designs within 1-3 min depending on design size. We provide garments of your choice. See below.

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